–Day #14– Cousins Forever!

I opened my eye and the great weekend continued, it was already 9:30 am and me and my cousin started to laugh, talk and to stretch in our beds to stand up, but in that moment my aunt arrived and told us to get ready to go to ride horses in a new ” academy” we jumped and got ready and after some minutes we were standing in the car door, we got ready and had fun when we arrived, laugh and the best part was when we started gallop so fast I felt I was jumping from the table, I was felling excited and happy it was one of the things I most liked to do in the lane, but sadly the class ended, we say goodbye and went to eat ice cream and then to my farm. All continue perfectly but the day became even better when we arrived to my farm and started to cook brownies, we laugh played and finished them, sadly we putted a little more water than necessary but had fun and enjoy, it was now a little late but one of the best parts of the day had start, we saw the horses coming and started running, we jumped and started to gallop we went up and down through all my farm, through the lots and roads, we couldn’t go faster because we would go flying, like that were the next hours until the horses were already tired, and our next activity got started, doing slime was what we wanted,we start and did many, wishing every time the result better, but we couldn’t end up with any, we couldn’t think what we did bad, until at the end we unnderstood, we hadn’t more time but we didn’t lose it because that from the mistakes is from were we learned. But the worse part of the day arrived after an hour in a car, the second of saying goodbye. I couldn’t had a better time we did all I that we want, we laugh and talked and the most wonderful day had past.

“YESTERDAY is HISTORY, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift and that is called “present”

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